XPE Team is the No. 1 Team Building organizer in Malaysia and Singapore.


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If your company is planning for a team building or team bonding activities, 

kindly contact us at 03-3343 2180/013-345 2180     because we give best value for your MONEY spent. 


  High Rope Dragon Boat
 White Water Rafting  Go Kart   Paintball



We are the only company in the region that offers 


Money Back Guarantee

Maximum Satisfaction for

Fun, Entertainment & Learning


because our track records is very impressive and we can impress your organization as well.


Adventure Team Building Activities       


 Why XPE Team is known capable to produce RESULTS and expected OUTCOME?


Our company is popularly branded as ROI Based Team Building!

  This is because we have worked with many organizations to accomplish various expectations through our team building projects. We are proud to say that we are


the only team building company has a software to measure      

ROI and Post Team Building impact. 


Articles about XPE Team published in popular Corporate Events Magazines




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What are the projects that XPE Team has accomplish so far through team building?

Sales Breakthrough 

for our Retail Clienteles/Sales Department


3 Months Leadership Challenge for Managers

through Management Team Building 


Impactful Customer Service 

for Travel Agency & Service Sectors


30 Days Mindset Transformation Challenge 

for Change Management 


Above Average Management Team Development  

with Post & Pre Team Building Assessment


Supervisory Character Development Challenge  

for Manufacturing


Annual KPI Breakthrough Challenge 


Various other Projects




If your organization would like to have a memorable team building that gives maximum satisfaction to all team members, call us for proposal at  03-3343 2180 / 013-345 2180  or drop email at info@xpeteam.com .      


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Thinking of Organizing Other events

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